What age group is Petite Picassos suitable for?
Petite Picassos is designed for young artists aged 4-14. Our activities are tailored to cater to the varying skill levels across this age range.
How does Petite Picassos personalize the art experience?
We personalize your child’s art journey by starting with their original artwork, along with some basic information about the young artist (name, age, interests). Then, we reimagine their artwork, create engaging activities based on it and their interests, and provide a personalized letter of encouragement.
Can I see examples of personalized packs before purchasing?
Certainly! Check out our View Samples Page Page to everything inside – from the personalized letter to the custom art exercises.
What if my child is new to art?
Petite Picassos is perfect for beginners! Our activities are designed to inspire creativity and build confidence, no prior art experience necessary.
How long does it take to receive our custom art pack?
Once you upload your child’s artwork, you’ll receive your personalized art pack via email within 2-3 business days.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently, our personalized packs are digital, so they can be accessed from anywhere around the globe!
How can I share my child's progress with you?
We love seeing your little artists’ progress! You can share their artwork with us on our Facebook Community, where you can join other parents who are passionate about their kids’ artistic development.
Are the activities safe for all children?
Absolutely. Our activities are crafted to be safe, and age-appropriate, ensuring a worry-free art experience for parents and lots of fun for the kids!
Who is “Picatso”?
Picatso is our adorable mascot that accompanies young artists on their artistic journey. He’s full of encouragement and kids love him!
Who can I contact for more support?
Our friendly customer service team is here to help! Contact us us directly at support@petitepicassos.com for any assistance.