The Perfect Personalized Art
Pack for Every Young Artist


Elevate your child's art with Petite Picassos

Designed to inspire young minds, witness their art
evolve with a 100% customized pack, including:

A Personalized Letter

Celebrating the highlights of their artwork, with tips for improvement

Reimagined Artwork:

An alternative version of their original artwork

Engaging Coloring Activity

Crafted from the reimagined artwork to spark creative discovery

Tailored Art Exercises

3 activities to refine their artistic skills, inspired by their interests.

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Start by uploading your child’s favorite drawing to our platform, and
tell us about their interests

Picasso Magic:

With expert oversight, we enhance your child’s artwork, revealing an
age-progressed alternative version

Personal Touch:

Receive a custom pack featuring a personalized letter of
encouragement, enhanced artwork, and interactive activities

Create & Learn:

Enjoy watching your child engage with their personalized coloring and
tailored art exercises designed to inspire and educate

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